Change of life the easy way

Be inspired by nature's ability to unlock your inner wisdom.

Tell me, is this you?

Are you successful in your career and confidently accomplishing your goals? Does your life seem perfect from the outside, but deep down, you feel like you haven’t really ‘got this’?

Secretly your inner world is in turmoil.

You keep asking yourself incredulously, “Is this it?” while your racing thoughts are really stressing you out. A pesky voice inside tells you that you are not good enough and that you’ll never achieve your dreams. You feel stuck in a rut and lost in life. You miss your positive attitude & outlook on life. And somehow, you miss purpose and meaning.

Maybe you have already identified where you want to be but are afraid of leaving your comfort zone. Or have you come one step closer to your dream life, but self-doubts creep in to ruin it all. Is fear at the steering wheel of your life?

Are you ready to change your life?

It‘s time to be inspired by nature’s ability to unlock your inner wisdom so you can move forward in life with clarity, confidence and ease.

You had me at confidence!

How I work

Imagine taking a mini-escape in a soothing natural environment, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. You‘re breathing in the fresh air, listening to nature’s sounds. With every step you take, all the rushing around and everyday stresses drop away, leaving you feeling more and more relaxed.

Your mind calms and settles. You‘re truly in the present moment with all your senses. You drop into your body, no longer living just in your head. You can hear and follow your internal guidance and intuition. You‘re now ready to reflect on your issues, unswayed by outside influences and pressures present in your day-to-day life.

You talk. I listen.

Along the way, I also ask questions and challenge you to get to the bottom of your problems. I help you define your current state clearly and outline your goals for our nature coaching session.

Now the magic begins!

With nature as my co-coach, I guide you to unlock your inner wisdom and find all the answers you need. We tap into nature and let it mirror your deepest fears, desires and hopes.

Everything around you: a large tree, a heart-shaped stone, a flowing river, the call of a bird at the right moment, a fork in the road or a blossoming flower, are all unique metaphors that hold a message for you. I help you decode these messages to gain new perspectives and bring you to healing “aha-moments”.

We work together to develop individual and solid action plans that yield immediate results in your life.

And as if by magic, your inner world is at peace because after our session, you’ll

  • Have a vision for the next steps in your life.
  • Be at peace with your inner negative self-talk and have calmed those racing thoughts.
  • Feel confident going after your dreams and make them finally come true.
  • Be ready to inject some zest and fun back into your life.
  • Feel empowered to kick your fears in the butt and take over your life’s steering wheel with complete confidence!

Just imagine, how you’ll feel when you find your true life purpose and jump out of bed with excitement looking forward to the day ahead!

Are you ready to find out more?

Nature Coaching Process


Chemistry check

In a 30-minute Zoom call, we get to know each other and check if we‘re the right fit for each other. If yes, and you‘re happy to proceed, we set a date and time for your nature coaching session to begin.


Connect with nature

At the start of your nature coaching session, I guide you through two powerful forest bathing exercises to help you immerse yourself in nature and connect with all your senses.


Your issue in the spotlight

We get to the root of your inner chaos and clearly define your current state and goals for your nature coaching session.


Connect the dots

Taking everything we have learned on the journey to your inner healing, I choose an intervention from my toolbox that helps you understand your internal barriers, emotions, and motivations.


Forging a path forward

With new insights and perspectives, you’re ready to develop a solid action plan paving the path forward in your life, yielding immediate results.


Catch-up call

Six weeks after our nature coaching session, we have a 60-minute Zoom call to review and celebrate your progress.

How You Benefit



As we work through the process, you‘ll grow to understand your inner chaos and become clear about what your change of life will look like at the end.



You’ll have a solid action plan at your fingertips, helping you implement the changes you want to make.



You‘ll be deeply motivated, as every solution you identify comes from within. Consequently, you are more likely to follow through and deliver on your dreams.



Nature’s restorative qualities will make you feel calm, energised and in a happy mood.



Nature helps you deeply reconnect with yourself, access your inner compass for clear guidance, and strengthen your self-esteem and confidence.



Moving in the fresh air and focusing on your senses reduces stress levels, strengthens your immune system, releases happy hormones, and simply soothes the body, mind and spirit.

Let’s hear from others

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees."

Henry David Thoreau

Your Options

1:1 Walk & Talk coaching sessioN

Do you sense that you’ve to change something in your life? Do you already have a vision of that change, but you can’t make THE final decision? It’s draining and you feel exhausted…  

What to expect?

This four-hour mini-escape in a natural environment close to your home is ideal for focussing intensively on your current situation. You’ll understand what’s holding you back, develop techniques to conquer those fears, are crystal clear about your next actions, and finally, feel empowered to make the change you’re longing for.

All you need is a fully charged mobile phone, a headset to keep your hands free, a notebook and pen, reliable wifi or good mobile phone coverage. It’s also crucial to have a serene and peaceful nature area, such as a forest, a nature park, or even your garden, to allow you to tap into the natural world around you.

energy exchange:

euro 600

group retreats in magical places

Do you love to be part of small intimate groups, travelling together and exploring fascinating places while simultaneously receiving insights to grow personally? 

What to expect?

My 7-day retreat in Magical Kenya is ideal if you’re ready to reset your mind, embrace your unique you and create your vision for a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

You’ll return home with a new perspective, renewed energy and the unshakable confidence to take the next steps on your life journey. 

Go to the detailed retreat page and learn more about the venue, inclusions, exclusions, benefits and all the bonuses. 

energy exchange:

from euro 3399

1:1 coachcations "Coaching & Vacation"

Are you the spontaneous and adventurous type? Are you in desperate need of a break as you’re close to breaking point? Your stressful and hectic life just gets too much…  

What to expect?

My exclusive 1:1 Coachcations “Coaching & Vacation” take place wherever I’m in the world. It will be a very intensive experience combining forest bathing and nature coaching interventions to help you gain clarity and work through ongoing issues. 

We dig deep and find answers to the challenges in your life. Between the sessions, you have time to explore, relax, reflect, and keep up the momentum to achieve better results in less time. 

I’m a registered tour operator, so I can organise the entire trip for you if you wish. 

All you need to do is pack your bag and be ready for a life-changing experience. 


energy exchange:

on request

Yup, I want to learn more.

About me 

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Alexandra Katzer

Midlife Clarity & Nature Coach

I stumbled through life aimlessly for quite a few years, always searching for happiness in the outside world.

Once I reached out for help and started working on my self-doubts, I discovered my true self. And the more my inner world changed, my outer world unfolded in the most exciting ways.

I want your change of life to be easy, smooth and exciting. Nature and I guide you to tap into your inner wisdom for more clarity, confidence and ease. 

Learn more about my journey here.

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

 John Muir